Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Inland Fisheries Visit

Some people from the Inland Fisheries came to our school today to talk to us about our native fish and their habitats.

We had great fun identifying the fish and examining the many small animals that live in our water.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Author Visit: Dave Rudden

We had a visit today from the local author Dave Rudden.

His books include the Knights of The Borrowed Dark trilogy and several Doctor Who titles.

He was really entertaining and LOUD!

As a prize for asking the best question, Keely won a signed copy of Knights of the Borrowed Dark.

As we are taking part in the Write A Book project, he came into our class and gave some tips and hints to improve our stories.

We learned a lot and are really fired up to finish our stories.

Thanks Dave.

Internet Safety Talk

Paula O’Connor came into our school today to give an excellent talk to all Sixth Class students.

She discussed how we use the internet and social media and problems that arise from that.

Thanks for coming in Paula. 👍🏻

Thursday, 25 January 2018


We examined electric circuits in Science and designed and made them in Lighthouses in art.
This was a really exciting, collaborative and fun project, which resulted in some wonderful pieces of science/art at the end.

Making circuits was our first step in Science

Then came the design and construction phases

Afterwards we covered them in paper mache

Next came the painting stage.

Fianlly we had to present our lighthouses to second class (and Ms Leonard!)